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I'm a happily married mother of two boys (Adam, 7 yrs. & Levi, 5). I'm a faculty member in the Education Department at Morehead State University and work as a national speaker for Appelbaum Training Institute (ATI), a child care training company. My youngest has Down syndrome. I enjoy learning from his therapists and follow through with their work during the week. His extra chromosome has made me a better person. I am his advocate, therapist, and biggest fan. I love my husband. I love my family. I love to wear red. I love nature. I love the Bible. I love to learn. I love to teach, and I love my God.


Anonymous said...

Love your video and blog! I am a mom to Olivia who is 8 now! I hope you don't mind that I shared your video on my Buddy Talk facebook page, would love to have you join us! Your family is beautiful!
Heather Wood

April Vernon said...

I am honored that you shared the video, Heather. Thank you.

Leigh Ann Arnold said...

Ran across your blog the other night and it was so refreshing! Your little boy has got to be the cutest thing ever, other than my little Treyton who is almost 4! My husband has a blog Treyton's posse if you are interested. Living by faith is the only way to do it. Right there with you,
Leigh Ann Arnold

Erin Corrado said...

Hi - I found your site through a link on http://noahsdad.com/

You have a lot of good info on here, and I like your positive views.

I wanted to let you know about a film I made about my friend, Nicole Flynn. Nicole is a 20 year old young woman from Toronto, Canada. She is an athlete, photographer, and self-advocate. And she also happens to have Down Syndrome.

I made this film to show the world my friend as an individual, and profile her accomplishments. The 68 min. documentary is called 'I Am Not Invisible' after a poem Nicole wrote and reads in the film.

If you could help advertise it or check out our campaign, that would be great.


Keep up your writing!


- Erin Corrado

The Mouchettes said...

Please pray that God will help me humble myself to receive Jesus as my Lord.

Anonymous said...


Abby Del Angel said...

Hi... My son was diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and developmental delay yesterday. Honestly was one of my worst days ever to know that my son has difficulties. I was not able to sleep on thinking how to help him and how to be a better mother... By reading your poems gave me hope and strenght to keep going no matter what. To hold my 5 year old hand and say you will be ok. A condition will not label my son, he is a bright kid...my sunshine... Thank you so much.
Much love and respect, Abby Del Angel