Monday, January 5, 2015

New Flooring & Kitchen Update



My friend, Amber, at Stone Cottage Chic got me started on the painting, and I have finished things up very slowly. Some days I would do one coat on just a few cabinets. Once the cabinets were painted, I would be cooking dinner and put two drawer pulls on and then do two more the next night. Little by little, it all came together, and I am so happy with the results.

The backsplash is made up of 10 inch square peel-and-stick pieces. I love that there is no grout to clean, but it has the look I was hoping to achieve. Thanks to our friend, Tyler for putting those up for me.

These handy dandy shelves are another favorite addition. Found them at Lowes.

You might notice the new floors, too. Those went through the whole house. Here are some shots of the living room.


My favorite part of having this kind of flooring? It is laminate, and it is tough. It was only 99 cents a square foot and has a 50 year warranty! I looked and researched for months about hardwoods and never found anything I thought I'd be happy with. This stuff is perfect for us!


Leah said...

Looks great!! 😊

Kristin said...

The house looks amazing!

Grady Schwartz said...

Don't you find it amazing how something so simple, like changing the flooring, can bring about huge transformations? And sometimes, a simple paint job can make a room look so different, as well. Anyway, the new hardwood flooring looks amazing, Apr!l. It even complements the furniture well. Thanks for the update!

Grady Schwartz @ iDesign

Arthur Bryant said...
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Arthur Bryant said...

Did you paint all those cabinets by yourself? They look very nice, it’s like they’re brand new. The new tiles on your kitchen looks really nice, not to mention those decorations that you’ve included. On the other hand, the floor looks wonderful, as it provides a nice contrast to the light colors in your kitchen. Thanks for sharing this with us, April!

Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express

Jeff Allison said...

Truly, nothing compares to the classic look of hardwood floors on any home. Chosen right, they can transform any space in the blink of an eye from “not” to “hot.” And good job on picking up laminate: the more durable and affordable alternative to non-laminate hardwood. Well done!

Jeff Allison @ On The Level Floors

Anonymous said...

I really adore your kitchen worktops and the design in general, you really do have a good taste! And the floors look nice too, very neat and possibly easy to keep them clean. I've done my floors a while ago with a little help from home expert flooring and I'm so glad I got rid of the old ones.