Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Days

Our summer days have been full of activity from sun up to sundown. Water balloons, swimming pools, day trips, grilled dinners, smores, and more.

Wes trimmed the trees in our yard and was inspired to get a fire pit to make good use of the wood. 
The beautiful sunset we enjoyed while making smores the other night.

We recently had a fun day trip to visit Adam & Levi's beloved Aunt Tammi & her family. The children had a blast playing together all day.
Adam got to go to Bible Camp this summer. It is from 10am-3pm every day for one week. He loved it and even spoke into the microphone and led a prayer in front of the entire camp. He said one of his friends gave him a quiet high-5 when he finished. How I wish I could have seen that sweet moment! Nothing better for him to get excited about than that!

The campers had a program at the end of the week where they sang all the songs they learned.

 Afterwards, there was a cookout at the campground. Levi loved the freedom to run all around and explore.
He has gotten very good at drinking from an open cup.
I think he saw a butterfly here but was too far away to tell.
This is what he did when he saw his mama...

I am working as a Bible Camp Counselor for 7th and 8th graders this week & am planning their activity time each day!! It should be a fun week.

Have a happy 4th of July!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Update on Adam- Neurologist Appt.

In the exam room
Adam had a follow up about his tics and OCD behaviors a few weeks ago. His tics have completely subsided. He is very fidgety, but it isn't repetitive or as excessive as it once was. The OCD behaviors are still there, but he can go to bed without his blanket being completely smoothed out, and the OCD-type stuff he does is not interfering with everyday life. The doctor was pleased with Adam's progress and not really concerned about any of the things we brought up. He said that Adam could develop OCD or Tourette's in the future but thought that he mainly just needs to stay challenged intellectually.  His comments or actions that concern us just indicate that he is very bright and makes connections and sees similarities in things that most four-year-olds would not see. The neurologist said that this can be a bad thing in a family where a child is not stimulated and is yelled at a lot, but that Adam is in a good home environment so it shouldn't be a problem. We just have to keep him challenged and find creative, positive ways to help him when his brain gets "stuck" on a behavior or action. (No pressure on us as parents- right?)

For example, not too long ago, Adam was obsessed with wearing his ball cap, and would be really upset without it. Wes was trying to get him "un-stuck" on this obsession and took it off. Adam cried at first, but Wes turned it into a game to see if Adam could find where his hat was hidden. Adam soon realized he would be okay without his hat on, and it isn't such a big deal to him anymore.

He has this thing right now about arranging and taking pictures of his food. This is a bridge over a river.
He will take a bite of food and see a new shape every time. So eating a meal with him is very entertaining. The other day, while eating pizza, he'd shout, "Look! A dinosaur!" Then, "It's a hang glider!...Now it's the letter J!"

And this is a recent Facebook post from Wes: Adam's practicing his letters by drawing them in the air and he just gave me this gem. "A cross looks like a lower case t, except it's made out of wood instead of your imagination." 

After the appt., we took Adam to have a special day with us. He had both of us all to himself. We went to the Cincinnati Museum Center. He loved it.
He got to learn about making cheese. During the presentation, the guy told them that they were going to start with milk, which is a liquid but that the cheese would be a solid. Adam raised his hand and knocked on the table while saying, "Excuse me. This table's a solid!" He's so funny!
We had a great day together.

This weekend, I worked in Alabama and was able to bring the boys and one of our favorite college students from church along with me to watch the boys while I worked. We stopped at an amusement/water park called Lake Winnie (near Chattanooga) on our way there. It was an amazing day!! I said many prayers of thanks while we enjoyed some fun in the sun!

Have a great week!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Evening Walks

One of my favorite things about this time of year is going for evening walks with the boys.
Adam loves pushing his brother in the stroller. I asked him if he needed help pushing Levi up a hill, and Adam said, "No. I can handle it. I'm his brother, and I'm ready for action." It sure made me thankful for his positive attitude. I am praying he continues to say that when he is called on in the future.
Adam will push Levi while running. Then he asks. "Levi, was that fun?" Levi usually gives an "Uh-hu" while nodding then gives Adam a kiss. Too sweet.
We stop to smell flowers.
And walk in the "bear tracks," too.
Adam got me some flower pots for Mother's Day, and Wes showed me a cool way to use them. We created this masterpiece for the porch.
I love how it turned out!
Last year, there were three rocks on this table. Every day Adam finds more treasures for his rock collection. The table might be full before long!
Each day he sees a new amazing rock that just has to be added. Who knew landscape pebbles could make a boy so happy?