Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I Have Learned Since Levi's Birth

Levi turned three this week, and I have been thinking back to the first week of his life. I remember my fears about how his diagnosis would be received by others. I felt like Wes & I would be fine with everything but wondered how others would feel being around him. I worried people would be uncomfortable spending time with our family because of Levi's differences. I am so grateful that my fears have not been the reality.
Trying to get him to eat was quite a struggle. I had to give him breast milk through a syringe after each nursing session to make sure he'd get enough.
Adam holding Levi shortly after he arrived home from the hospital.
Over the past three years, I have learned...
People aren't afraid of him.
People love him.

He doesn't make people uncomfortable.
He makes people happy.
Grams & Levi playing outside.
He hasn't changed our lives in a bad way.
He has changed our lives for the better.
We love you. Levi!


Cyndi Murphy said...

So Sweet! So glad to know him.

Jenny said...

Beautiful post April.

Anonymous said...

April, Time and distance has separated us. I am so proud of what you've done as a mother! Both your boys are very lucky.

Leah said...

You know we love him! :)