Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Mini-Vacation

Wes & I got to take a three day trip all by ourselves last weekend. It was wonderful.
This photo was taken at the unique steak and seafood place we went to for dinner Thursday night on our way to Lexington, VA. It was an old home turned into a restaurant. The food was amazing (maybe the best prime rib I've had) and it was full of antiques and beautiful things to look at.

We stayed the night at a Hampton Inn that had bed and breakfast type area, too.
Our room had a fireplace, and even though it was unique, I still got my beloved Hampton Inn pillows to sleep on! (I have a Hampton Inn pillow on my bed at home. I had one bad experience at a Hampton, and the front desk worker said, "If there is anything I can do..." I told him I knew just what would make things right...and ended up with 2 Hampton Inn pillows of my own.)

The next day we did some antique shopping and drove the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway to Richmond, VA, where I presented a child care seminar on Saturday. We stopped at a lot of scenic overlooks on our drive.
Do you see the face?
That night we had another cool dining experience at a Brazillian steak house. They bring huge skewers of steak (think, swords full of filet mignon), lamb chops, and other yummy meats to your table and carve it onto your plate. They also had a salad buffet that was really nice.

Since we've been home, I've been back to the usual kind of day, enjoying the boys and tackling all my responsibilities as time permits.
My boys are turning in to little photographers. Adam took this of the sandcastle we built the other day.
Levi took this...
And this (while I was changing his diaper)...
It cracks me up to pick up my phone and find whatever pictures he's taken since the last time he had my phone. Pretty entertaining.

These two sure keep things interesting.

Levi is getting a sleep study done tonight to determine if he has sleep apnea. If so, his tonsils will be taken out.
"Dude, Can't you see I'm trying to play on the iPad here?"

Have a great weekend.


Leah said...

Beautiful pics from your trip! I totally see the face! ;) Love how the kiddos take pictures these days! Hope all goes well with the sleep study! Hugs! :)

Jenny said...

Sounds like it was a great little getaway, loved the pictures! Sleep study photos are always so heart wrenching to see...Hope the results come back ok!

Treytons Posse said...

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Laura said...

What were the results of the sleep study? Glad you two could get away for a couple of days!!