Saturday, March 9, 2013

Enjoying Some Fresh Air

 Yesterday Levi's pulse oxygen levels were good during his nap, and he ate and drank a little. We were thankful he didn't need an IV and that we were given the okay to go home. When he woke up, he wanted down and immediately tried buckling himself in his car seat.
Here he is on his way out of the hospital. I'd say he was ready to go!
The stickers they put on his cheeks to hold the oxygen tubes on are very difficult to get off. I haven't had the heart to try too hard yet. Please share advice if you've had to get these suckers off your kid before! Next time I am going to ask a nurse to do the dirty work before we leave!

The boys both felt a little better today. We even got to enjoy some time outside after dinner. A couple that lives down the street gave the boys permission to play in their driveway and backyard. Adam explored their big tree tonight and was thrilled to get some climbing in.
And this was just what was needed today. A chance to enjoy the explore a breathe the fresh be renewed.

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called THE PRESENT."


Eve Lorentzen said...

If they have to use tape on the face again ask for the NICU tape ours much gentler. My daughter had issues with the adhesive on the tape and I've tried them all.

Jenny said...

Glad to hear Levi is home. Also nice that you got to enjoy a little spring air :)

Leah said...

So glad they are both feeling better! :)

lovemy3 said...

So glad he is feeling better!!!! We had adhesive remover, but I can't remember the name. They gave it to us after Hailey's OHS.

Laura said...

So glad he is feeling better! Glad he got to come home to gorgeous weather!

Katherine said...

I assume you got them off already, but baby oil works well.