Monday, March 4, 2013

A Little Catching Up to Do

Wes & the boys went to Birmingham, Alabama with me this weekend. I was there for work & we made arrangements to see Wes' favorite cousin & her husband, who live near Birmingham. We had a nice drive down & arrived late Friday afternoon. We stayed at the hotel by the convention center, where I was working.

Around 1:30am, Adam woke up with croup. He was terrified and could not catch his breath. Not fun. Steam from the shower and breathing the cold outside air didn't help so Wes took him to the ER. They got back at 5am, just after my alarm went off, and Levi woke up for the day before they even had a chance to fall back to sleep.

I took Adam back for a follow-up with the pediatrician, and he has an ulcer on his throat. Poor guy. He napped for over 3 hours today, but he hasn't complained and has been in a good mood. We didn't get to see the doctor that did his blood work last week so I will have to contact her tonight about the results and what it means for the treatment of his tics and OCD behaviors.

Wes has been sick, too, so Levi & I went to Bible class and worship services by ourselves Sunday.

When I came home, Adam couldn't wait to show me how he cleaned up the house.

This OCD stuff may not be so bad after all! :) He has gotten especially good at folding blankets!
Now that I have an iPhone, I am enjoying Instagram. I have found some cool photographers to follow and enjoy the inspiration there. My username is aprilmvernon if you want to follow.

Have a great week.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.” -Walt Whitman


Leah said...

Hope Adam and Wesley are better soon! :) Great to see you on IG! :)

Becky said...

Oh, I am praying health is restored to all there! Cute pictures as always...

Laura said...

You guys can't catch a break! Feel better soon!

Jenny said...

I like how Adam is a neat freak, lol, everything lined up perfectly. Hope he feels better soon!
We don't get cell phone service back out where we live, or else I would get an iPhone just so I could be on Instagram, it looks like fun!