Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Belated Halloween & Other Pics

Here are my three favorite guys snuggled up together.
And of course...
The boys & I were not feeling well on Halloween. This week, once everyone was feeling better, I called a few retired friends from our church family, & we did some afternoon trick-or-treating on Monday. Talk about marching to the beat of our own drum!
Adam told everyone that he & Levi were the "saving brothers" (or "bruvvas" as he pronounces it) since they were both dressed as characters that save people. Someone asked him if I dressed up as Catwoman, & he said, "That's not an option." I agree!

Levi loved petting Billie & Tommy's dog, Jack.
And I just about melted watching Adam with their other dog, Punkydoodle. (Yes, Punkydoodle :)
I thought he'd just explode. Look at that sweet facial expression!
Absolutely precious...And, no, it doesn't make me want a pet.

So, we trick-or-treated on Monday, and on Tuesday, I kept seeing chocolate on Levi's mouth.
Then I found at least four of these around the house...
I flew into a snow storm last night.
I worked in Hartford, CT today & will work here again on Saturday. Looking forward to a very rare occasion tomorrow...sleeping in!!!


Ilisa Ailts said...

Lovely photos! Glad you're all feeling better!

Jenny said...

Oh haha, "That's not an option", I love it! You know you secretly want to dress up as Catwoman! lol

And I love the Monday trick or treating...You're a good Mom cause if it was my kids and we missed Halloween, they would have just been out of luck! lol

Leah said...

Glad the boys got to go! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs! :)

lovemy3 said...

I'm impressed with the Monday night trick or treating! The snowstorm...yuck! I love the chocolate on Levi's face :-) Hailey nor the boys can reach our candy or they would all be bouncing off the walls!