Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

(Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this post so you can see the video of the boys.)
I meticulously wrapped up these beads last year to keep them from getting tangled up. Levi got to them before I could get them on the tree this year. Oh well.

Levi has been adding his own decorations when we aren't looking. Here is the beautiful cardboard tube and ball from the ball pit that now adorn our tree.

Adam worked on matching upper & lower case letters yesterday. This is a great little activity I found on Pinterest. He loved it, and I am certain we will find lots of other uses for the clothespins.
I got glasses last week. I am still getting used to them but am amazed at how much better I can see! The eye doctor told me it will be only be a couple years before I need bifocals. Nice. It is starting to bother me that I'll be forty in a year and a half. Besides the glasses and my own personal barometer (AKA my right knee), I am starting to FEEL old!
I did some engagement photos last weekend. Not everyone I love has Facebook, so I apologize to those of you that have already seen them. Here are my faves.

Here's a little video of the boys rockin' around the Christmas tree.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Therapy & Such

We go to a child care center for Levi's physical therapy and occupational therapy sessions. Adam has been invited several times to play with the four-year-old class while we're there, and today was the first time he decided to join them. They played in the gym on trikes, and he had a great time. He especially enjoyed holding up the stop sign for everyone. Normally when we are at a therapy session, I play with Adam and try to give the therapists some space since Adam wants their attention, too.

Adam knows therapy is for his little brother, but sure enjoys being a part of the action. Before we left the house today, Adam jumped up and said, "Therapy is fun!"

Today I enjoyed being able to focus on watching Levi work for his physical therapist while Adam played in the gym. I really, really like this new therapist. She has high expectations for behavior and following directions and uses a pleasant voice and songs to get what she needs. I learn from her each time we are there.
Levi has an issue keeping his tongue in lately, so his OT got him something to chew on. He hasn't been too interested but used it today during physical therapy. I have been giving him teethers when I see his tongue out at home, and he is just now starting to take them and use them. It isn't that his mouth is hanging open. He actually sucks on his tongue. It used to mainly happen when he was tired, but I am noticing it more and more now. I think providing something else to do with his mouth is helpful and am so glad he is finally responding to it.

Right now we drive 30 minutes away for occupational therapy on Monday mornings and go back to the same place Tuesday mornings for physical therapy. By the time the boys get home, eat lunch, and take naps, I feel like our day has disappeared. Every other Wednesday, a developmental interventionist comes to the house, and Thursday mornings, Levi's speech therapist comes to the house. I am grateful for such wonderful experts to guide us and help us set goals, and it has provided great opportunities for Adam. Having the therapy sessions helps me to feel accountable for working with Levi, but it sure feels overwhelming at times. The schedule is tiring, and it can be hard work for all of us some days.

Adam came back to join us after playing with the other children. The teacher told me he "was a delightful young man." I concur.
Here's a funny from Adam...I cut his fingernails Sunday morning & did one diagonal cut on each side. I got it a little short, so I decided not to do a third cut across the top like I usually would. He frown and whined, "But,'s a pentagon." He is so funny!

Have a great week!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Belated Halloween & Other Pics

Here are my three favorite guys snuggled up together.
And of course...
The boys & I were not feeling well on Halloween. This week, once everyone was feeling better, I called a few retired friends from our church family, & we did some afternoon trick-or-treating on Monday. Talk about marching to the beat of our own drum!
Adam told everyone that he & Levi were the "saving brothers" (or "bruvvas" as he pronounces it) since they were both dressed as characters that save people. Someone asked him if I dressed up as Catwoman, & he said, "That's not an option." I agree!

Levi loved petting Billie & Tommy's dog, Jack.
And I just about melted watching Adam with their other dog, Punkydoodle. (Yes, Punkydoodle :)
I thought he'd just explode. Look at that sweet facial expression!
Absolutely precious...And, no, it doesn't make me want a pet.

So, we trick-or-treated on Monday, and on Tuesday, I kept seeing chocolate on Levi's mouth.
Then I found at least four of these around the house...
I flew into a snow storm last night.
I worked in Hartford, CT today & will work here again on Saturday. Looking forward to a very rare occasion tomorrow...sleeping in!!!