Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Whole Lot of Learning Going On

I only helped Adam with three pieces of this puzzle, and he got the rest of it all put together.

Levi's speech therapist brought finger-paint to the house today.

Here is Adam's masterpiece. The drawing on the right is his Grandpa Vernon (just in case you couldn't see the resemblance).
He went to wash his hands in the bathroom after he was done painting, and had to turn on the light upon entering. Talk about being caught red-handed!
Levi couldn't decide to laugh or cry when he got paint on his foot.

We have been working on naming body parts with Levi. Emphasizing the words "hand" and "foot" were a big part of this session. We sound like broken records during speech, but that is what it takes for Levi to imitate. Lots of repetition & intensity seem to work best for him.

Yesterday he said, "Rock, rock, rock" while he was on his rocking horse, but we may not hear that word again for awhile. He can say several words, but we don't hear any of them consistently. He is getting very strong physically, and I have heard that kids usually focus on verbal skills or physical skills, but not both at once. Maybe once he gets walking, he'll have more energy and brainpower for speech. We will continue to read, work on sign-language, sign songs, and do flashcards daily so he gets the input he needs until then.
Later in the day, he and brother played cars together. I got this set from a garage sale a year or two ago, and it brings back memories. I loved these little Fischer-Price people when I was a kid.
The dog on the left (on the tractor) must be really old. It is made of wood and has a screw in the top that used to hold it's plastic ears on!
Grams & Grandpa Vernon came for a visit this morning. Wes & his dad got out the train set for Adam.
Adam waited patiently as they put it together, but it looked like he was dying to get his hands on it!

I took this pic just as he put these two pieces together. He was so excited!
"Look! I did it!!"

He loves to dress up & went to get his conductor hat and bandana as soon as he saw the train set coming out of the box.
It is so much fun watching these boys learn new things and grow! I think I enjoy their fun days as much as they do! I feel so blessed.


lovemy3 said...

Love your little conductor! That is a very frustrating part of DS...hearing a word one day and then not hearing it again for months. What flash cards do you use? I need to get a reading program, but haven't yet. I'm not sure which to get.

Leah said...

Looks like a fun day for all! :)

Jenny said...

Wow, Adam did really good with that puzzle!!
You know, I have noticed that Russell can learn a word but if we don't say it daily, he will forget it...It is constant work this speech thing...I am glad you mentioned that Levi seems to stop saying words at times because I was wondering if Russell was the only one who did that...Interesting.
Great update on the boys :)

Becky said...

Yes, repetition is definitely huge for Levi! Oh, and did I mention patience because I often run out of that with Kristen! Yes, Kristen also used to do that with words too...think you have it and then it kind of disappears for a while...but it comes back too! Go Adam...awesome puzzle doing! Fun photos!

Wren said...

Love the little train fun! Levi is doing great - we see words come and go too but they usually come back before you know it! Sutter HATES things on his feet too - yesterday at his check up he stood up on the table and he wouldn't put his feet down on the paper!

Laura said...

Can we come play at your house? :) I think my favorite is Adam's rendition of Grandpa Vernon!

Marci said...

If you have an iPad, or iPhone, we got this cool little flashcard app that we use, and is great for kiddos - I just searched for flashcards in the App Store, and it was free to download!

Landon loves it! I need to tell my sister about it so she can get it to use for my niece Lauren.