Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo Shoot

I did photo shoot for a friend this week. While driving to their house, I was feeling worried that I wouldn't get many good shots. Then I reminded myself to let them play. As you will see, the pictures of them playing are the ones that made this photo shoot special.

I get to do the pics for this year's Buddy Walk billboards!! I am really excited about it.

I've REALLY been enjoying my summer. Hope you are, too!!

Adam got to spend a few nights with his Aunt Tammi this week. While I was packing the car, he climbed right in and sat there in his car seat, waiting to leave. When we were about an hour away, I told him it would be a good time to take a nap so he wouldn't have to nap after he got there. He immediately closed his eyes, and slept until we got off the interstate.
I brought a few girls from the youth group along on the trip. After dropping Adam off, we went to the Ikea store then ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

Levi had a blast.

I fell in love with this room at Ikea.

I'd like to have an office area behind the couch like this so I could work on the computer and be in the living room, too. Won't work with the layout of our house, but super-cool! And I love the white bookshelves and furniture. I have a thing for white. I even have a pinterest board called "dreamy white rooms" where I pin photos of rooms that make me happy.

Tomorrow, I go pick up Adam. I am bringing another group of teenage girls along for the ride. We are hitting the outlet mall on the way! I am excited for another fun summer day!

Tonight was a date night with Wes, and I really enjoyed our time out alone. We had dinner at one of our favorite places and enjoyed Men in Black 3.

Have a great weekend!


Momma Jorje said...

Awesome shots! Of Levi, too!

Becky said...

Great shots...sounds like you are having a fun summer!

Anna Theurer said...

Great photos, April! I love the ones with them in the car :) I love IKEA. I think half of our house is IKEA.

Jenny said...

Beautiful photos April :)

teal915 said...

Great job on the photos. They look great. I love that room too. I wish someone would come fix my house and make it look amazing like that.

Laura said...

The photos are stunning April! I wish Colin fell asleep on command:)

Leah said...

Somehow I missed this post! Great pics! :) We need to catch up sometime!

Leah said...

Somehow I missed this post! Great pics! :) We need to catch up sometime!

Laura said...

I wish we had an Ikea closer to us - our closest is 2 hours away. I'm bummed that we won't be making it to Kentucky this year so I can't take advantage of your photography skills:(