Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo Shoot

I did photo shoot for a friend this week. While driving to their house, I was feeling worried that I wouldn't get many good shots. Then I reminded myself to let them play. As you will see, the pictures of them playing are the ones that made this photo shoot special.

I get to do the pics for this year's Buddy Walk billboards!! I am really excited about it.

I've REALLY been enjoying my summer. Hope you are, too!!

Adam got to spend a few nights with his Aunt Tammi this week. While I was packing the car, he climbed right in and sat there in his car seat, waiting to leave. When we were about an hour away, I told him it would be a good time to take a nap so he wouldn't have to nap after he got there. He immediately closed his eyes, and slept until we got off the interstate.
I brought a few girls from the youth group along on the trip. After dropping Adam off, we went to the Ikea store then ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

Levi had a blast.

I fell in love with this room at Ikea.

I'd like to have an office area behind the couch like this so I could work on the computer and be in the living room, too. Won't work with the layout of our house, but super-cool! And I love the white bookshelves and furniture. I have a thing for white. I even have a pinterest board called "dreamy white rooms" where I pin photos of rooms that make me happy.

Tomorrow, I go pick up Adam. I am bringing another group of teenage girls along for the ride. We are hitting the outlet mall on the way! I am excited for another fun summer day!

Tonight was a date night with Wes, and I really enjoyed our time out alone. We had dinner at one of our favorite places and enjoyed Men in Black 3.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Weekend- Block Party, Playtime, and Illness

Some Playtime Photos:
My guys making a pre-fourth of July fireworks show on the Kindle...

Adam loves playing dress up these days. This is his "Super-Adam-Gorrilla" get-up.

Block Party Fun:
Our annual block party was on Saturday. I love this event and was so sad Wes & Levi had to stay home. Levi has croup...again.

As you can see, it is a pretty big operation. This year it was a fish fry. The invitation instructed everyone to bring a side dish, or dessert, and non-alcoholic drinks. There was a a friendly welcome from the hosts and a prayer before the meal. It was so pleasant. I am grateful to live near so many friendly and thoughtful people. We have neighbors that bring the boys gifts, and people are always happy to stop and talk when we are out. It is nice to have neighbors that know what is going on in our lives and that show concern for our family.

Adam made some new friends while we were there, too.

Our Sick Guy:
Even though this little guy isn't feeling his best, he is still pretty stinkin' cute!

Here is a little video I made of Levi just before bedtime last night. You can tell he is tired because he sucks on his tongue when he gets sleepy. He has figured out how to drive the toy train. You'll hear his cough a little bit. It sounds better than it was on Thursday night and Friday.

He also can do the motions to "Oh, be Careful Little Eyes What You See" but he always wants to point at his mouth no matter what body part we are singing about. Pretty cute if you ask me.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Levi and Laundry

Levi is moving into his 18 month clothes! I kept all of Adam's clothes in bins, and am so glad Levi is all set when it comes to clothing.

Levi loves to play with laundry. He tries to put things on and tosses stuff everywhere. All while giggling and squealing with delight.

Here he is trying to dress himself in a new shirt.

And this is how I found him later on, while I was folding a load of whites!!!
Yes, those are his Daddy's underwear!!

Oh, my!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Big Time Photo Clear-Out

I can’t explain it, but I just can’t bring myself to use the expression “photo dump,” and “Big-Time Photo Dump” sounds especially bad.

You may have noticed that I have taken a more laid back approach to blogging and frequent posting lately. I have a review of Kelle Hampton’s book, Bloom, in the works (and a crazy story about video chatting with her), and I do plan to get back to doing Tuesday Tidbits soon. I have just stopped giving myself blogging deadlines and stressing out over my tiny spot in cyber-space. It would be different if my imaginary version of “Living by Faith” were in existence. You know, the wildly popular blog moms all over the world visit daily…the blog that gets me on talk-shows and pays me like a celebrity. Well, until then, I’ve decided to chill. Pinterest is partially responsible for this epiphany…

And now for the Photo Clear-Out, 155 pictures straight from iPhoto…no fancy editing (just a little cropping and some red-eye & booger removal), no watermarking…just summer fun pure and simple…

My parents drove up from south Texas and got to stay here a little over a week. I loved watching them bond with the boys.

This is the Smart Trike we got Levi for his birthday (from Toys R Us). Both sets of grandparents chipped in so we could get it.
The pedals lock so they won't hit his feet when using the foot rest.

I love this bar that protects him from falling out. It also has a harness. Both are removable, and this will become a regular trike when he's ready.

The handlebar actually turns the front wheel of the trike, so it is really easy to push him.

While Mom & Dad were here, we went to Entertrainment Junction, the world's largest train display. It is 25,000 square feet of model trains and detailed layouts.

"Look! Look"

Adam found a train with pretend coal. He LOVED it.

I really enjoyed watching Levi play at the train table (where the tracks were glued down so he couldn't throw them like he does at home).

Just in case you ever wondered if Adam loves trains.

The next day we went to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH.

This facial expression of his cracks me up!

In front of a B-24 Bomber like the one Wes's grandfather flew in

Standing in front of the type of plan my Grandpa Milligan would have flown in. He was in WWII and the Korean War.

My dad was on an aircraft carrier in Vietnam. This was a game that let you try to land a plane on an aircraft carrier.

Photos from the monument in honor of my Grandpa Milligan's group.

While we were in Ohio, we stayed two nights with Aunt Tammi & Uncle Mike. Adam has now decided that next time he will be staying 100 nights.

Adam's self portrait. The long lines coming down from his head are arms, not ears.

Tea party

Slipin' & Slidin' with Miss Addy

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel to begin a road trip for work

While working in Illinois, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a friend from cyber-space. Tara & I have followed each others' blogs for a long time and have so many things in common. Her little girl, Vada, is just a few months older than Levi. I got to meet them earlier this summer, but this time I brought Levi along with me. We just had to get Levi & Vada together for their first date.

Tara's blog is called "Making the Most of Today." Click here to check it out!

We met at a place called Gig's Playhouse, a Down Syndrome Awareness Center in Moline, IL. There are locations all over the country.

Levi wanted nothing more than to get a kiss from Vada. Turns out she's not that kind of girl.