Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Tidbit: Cute & Easy to Make Baby Shower Cake & Cupcakes

Believe me, it isn't the masterpiece I'd hoped for & I am disappointed in the sloppy parts, but I wanted to share how easy it was to make this cake. Wes was in charge of bringing a cake to a baby shower at his work, and I didn't want to send a boring sheet cake.

I used one cake mix, a six in round pan & a nine in round pan. I got white cake decorator's icing and liked working with this consistency more than regular icing. To make the flesh color, add 2 drops yellow food coloring, 2 drops of red and a drop of green (I know, weird but true). Repeat 2 drops of yellow, 2 drops of red, and one drop of green until you get the color you are looking for (which will depend on how much icing you are using).
The eyes are Hershey's drops & the nose & belly button are M&M's.
I made a lot of icing because I also wanted to try these cupcakes. Unfortunately, Adam got to the M&M's before I could get their little orange noses added!
Happy Tuesday to you!


Jenny said...

I think it's cute :)

Leah said...

They turned out great! :)

Karrie said...

Super cute!!! :)

Anonymous said...

this are so cute.