Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, This Post is Worth 22,000 Words!

Levi is feeling better, but I have been too tired to post much lately.

I set aside today for ME. They boys are being taken care of elsewhere, and my time here at the computer will be followed by a nice long nap! A mama's got to take care of herself in order to keep taking care of everyone else.

Here are lots of pics for you. Pardon any repeats from Facebook.

The other day, I was changing Levi's diaper, and Addie (the one year old I take care of during the day) ran out of puffies. Adam stepped in to help and poured all the rest out onto her tray.

Addie says, "I think I love you."

Adam says, "Right back at ya, Sweetheart!"

Winking with his left eye

And with the right

Adam & the slinky weren't getting along
Levi at therapy

Anyone else think he needs to add some sit-ups to the routine! Ha ha ha!

Adam dumped this basket of animals out while Levi was doing therapy & sorted all the animals. Love it!

Levi was playing alone in the kitchen and made this little creation! So cool!

This is what my day usually looks like. I enjoy watching these 3 explore and play and love providing an environment that promotes learning.

We went for a walk a few weeks ago and saw that a neighbor was throwing out a sand and water table her grandchildren used to play with. It was covered in a thick layer of tree sap and mold. It took 3 days and an entire can of WD-40 to get it cleaned, but it was well worth it...

Addie just bonked him on the head with her pretend frying pan.
He has a great pouty face!

One of his OT goals is twisting his wrist to pour. Nice work, buddy!

Levi & I went to see Keli at work one day last week. I love these pictures of the two of them together. Keli works an hour from home & Miles was at child care, so we didn't get to see him this time.

I love both of their expressions here! Levi was letting out a loud, raspy, "BAAAA!"

Sitting at Keli's desk. He thinks he's the boss!


Leah said...

Sweet pics!!! :)

Leah said...

I agree- adorable pictures!

Jenny said...

Such cute pictures! I love the ones of Adam winking, lol, I remember my kids learning to wink, it was hilarious to watch! And Levi just looks so adorable in those last few pictures, he looks so handsome and grown up :)

lovemy3 said...

I'm jealous...I've been looking for a used (cheap) sand and water table. Levi definitely has the pouty look down pat :-)

Twilson9608 said...

Is Levi signing "I love you" ? It looks like it, I'm so impressed!!!