Monday, March 19, 2012

This and That

Sorry, no Tuesday Tidbit from me this week. We have been dealing with a stomach virus at our house since Friday, and I am happy to simply be posting some pics for you before going to bed extremely early!

THIS is an empty toy storage bin in the playroom. Adam took the drawers out while getting toys, and Levi chased the beach ball into it. He got stuck! Wes took these pics and said that Levi was only marginally unhappy. The fact that he had the beach ball seemed to balance out his discomfort.
THAT is the huge Buzz Lightyear Adam got in the mail from someone special. Thank you!!

And THIS is the set of books that arrived for Levi.
Notice anything "special" about the children in the photographs? All the kids in these books have Down syndrome. Pretty cool!

THIS is how Addy (the little girl I've been taking care of during the day) woke up from her nap on Friday.

Levi was ready to play, so he went and woke her up! Their expressions speak for themselves!

THAT is one happy boy! It has been warm here lately, and he sure has enjoyed being outside!

And last but not least, THIS is a video of Levi reaching some speech milestones. You'll see him tooting his own horn (and meeting one of his speech therapy goals...blowing!) and saying "tickle, tickle, tickle" and "bubble." I am learning that he doesn't talk much unless we work INTENSIVELY with him. It takes several minutes before he will mimic most of the time. I can't just encourage language. I have to do mini-speech therapy sessions to get much out of him. Our speech therapist uses prompting techniques, which really seem to help. I sure wish this didn't require so much effort, but that is just how it is, and we will do what needs to be done to help this little guy! Can you believe he will be two in May?


Jenny said...

I was just trying to get Russell to blow on one of those today! He can't do it yet :(...Levi says bubble perfect, I love it!! And where did you get those great books from?

April Vernon said...

Jenny, Levi totally surprised us when he was able to blow on that thing. I don't know how he knew what to do! The books were gifts. I am pretty sure they were ordered from I tried to get the titles in the pictures in case anyone wanted to order them. Let me know if you want me to get any more info. for you. I've never seen such a thing & thought they were pretty cool.

Leah said...

Sweet pics, April! Glad to see the boys are healthy! :) Love the video, too! Great job, Levi! :)

Anonymous said...

We ask Adam who gave the books and he told us proudly" the mailman of course".
Guess we should have known that.