Friday, March 9, 2012

It's Off to Work I Go

Today I spoke to 100 preschool teachers on their campus in Louisville. From there, I drove to Springfield, IL, where these boxes were waiting for me.
On Friday nights, when I work (2 or 3 times a month), I get to my hotel and open up those boxes to transform this...
into this...
These are the sales tables that are in the back of the ballroom where I will be presenting tomorrow. We sell all kinds of goodies for teachers to use in their classrooms. Click here to go to the Appelbaum Training Institute online store & see what we sell. Click here to go to ATI's main website.
(If you are clever enough to make a few clicks here and there, you might be able to find a video of me presenting to a group of teachers.)
Tomorrow, over 500 child care workers will be filling these chairs.
There is also a florist convention and trade show going on at this hotel. I've enjoyed looking at all the flower arrangements.
Here are some pics of the swanky Westin hotel I stayed at last weekend.
I am so proud of this boy. His Grams taught him how to button & unbutton. I am sad to know that the cough he went to bed with and woke up with is still going strong, and now he is running a fever. *SIGH* I'll be happy to get back home tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Nice to "be at work with you." :)

Jenny said...

Ah, you stay in such nice places! Cute picture of Adam :)...Hope everyone is feeling better.

Leah said...

Looks like fun! Hope Adam is feeling better!

Laura said...

Hope Adam is feeling better! Your work looks like fun!