Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back to Life...Back to Reality

I know...some of you will have that song in your head all day! Sorry. We are back to life as usual in the Vernon household. I finally gave the boys their much-needed haircuts but still haven't unpacked from our trip to the hospital. Miss Addy is back at the house with us during the day, and I am preparing for another out-of-town seminar this weekend. Right now, all three kiddos are napping at the same time (Hallelujah chorus anyone?), and I am enjoying a little "me" time on the computer.
Today is 03.07.12, which is "Spread the Word to End the Word" Day. Over 256,000 pledges have already been signed. Click here to learn more. Please consider signing the pledge if you haven't already. Have a great day, everybody!


Becky said...

You have an amazing husband...and family. I am so glad all is well.

Leah said...

Fun scrap-booking pages! Glad all is well now! See you later! :) Oh, and thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

Jenny said...

Pulling to stand! Yaay! So glad to hear everyone is doing well and on the mend.

Kelly said...

Thank you for posting these pictures! I love seeing your family as they grow :) love you!