Monday, February 13, 2012

My Kind of Saturday

This Saturday was my kind of Saturday. We played outside, went out for lunch, shopped, and then to my favorite new spot for frozen yogurt. I travel so often for work on Saturdays that a weekend with my family is extra special.

Sunday was great, too, except that Levi was sick, and last night, I was the only one in the house that didn't have a fever! Fevers are gone this morning...but none of my guys are feeling great today.

A little video clip of Adam for you...(He can now remember everything he needs to do when using the bathroom.)

I saw this the other day and cracked up.
(via Living Laughing and Loving Blog)


Leah said...

Fun pics! :) Orange Leaf looks SO yummy! I'm glad that you had a great weekend with family and friends! Oh, love the video, too! :) Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

mommykelly said...

Levi signing more!!! ohmmmmmgeeee. Can I keep him for a day? Love the one of all 3 of you too!!! You are beautiful!

Krista said...

you're one of those people that is totally on top of your kids scrap books aren't you...I was...for about the first year of each child's life...I have started the first half of Jakob in Cambridge and have resorted to no fancy fonts or embellishment. ugh. you put me to shame.

Becky said...

Oh, you have sweet boys! I love it when he talks about not whining! That thing you posted cracked me up too!

Jenny said...

Haha, love the video!! I love how not whining is part of the check list :)...Poor Levi, hope he feels better soon.

Great pictures too!!

Laura said...

Potty training is my favorite milestone so far! What a fun Saturday! We didn't go anywhere as it was too snowy but we did go out to eat for lunch. It was a treat to not having to clean up after a meal.