Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to Wes!

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday. I got a birthday present, too. That morning he told Adam he was 38 year's old, which means I've been 37 all this time and was thinking I was 38! I'm younger than I thought I was!

We had a blast preparing for his special day. Adam wore his cape and mask to the grocery store, so he got lots of attention from passersby. He told everyone it was his Daddy's birthday, so people cracked up when they saw this balloon Adam was toting around.

An elderly couple wanted to talk with him while we picked out cake mixes. They asked how old his daddy was going to be, and Adam quickly replied, "Forty pounds."

We made homemade pizza for dinner.

And greeted the birthday boy at the door.

Adam was determined to have a Spiderman cake for his daddy, so we made a chocolate cake, used food coloring to turn some strawberry frosting the right shade of red, and I made a web with black icing. Top it off with a Spidee toy, and you've got a fun cake!


Leah said...

Looks like loads of fun!! :) Great moments captured on camera!

Jenny said...

Aw, you guys have such a cute little family :)

Laura said...

Fun! I'm going to have Colin get Jim with silly string on his birthday in May. Great idea!