Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Big Week at "Living by Faith"

Boy, have we got some catching up to do! I was away with an impressive group of teens at a youth retreat in Gatlinburg, TN over the weekend. The speakers were powerful, and I really got a lot out of the weekend. Levi was sick, and I hated being gone, but Wes is great with the boys. He encouraged me to sign up to chaperone this event in the first place because he knew how much I'd enjoy it, and he really wanted me to go and participate.

Tomorrow, I will be featured on "Far Above Rubies," a blog devoted to promoting Biblical womanhood. I am honored by the invitation and hope you will stop by to check it out and read the other inspiring articles found there. The founder of "Far Above Rubies" has been asked by many of her readers how to handle people that are insensitive to their childens' special needs and asked if I'd write something to address people that are unkind. The article will encourage godly attitudes towards difficult people in any situation, and I think it will be helpful to anyone regardless of where they are at in life.

Here are a few scrapbook pages I made while riding in the church van to Gatlinburg Friday evening. Hope you'll stop by again this week!


Leah said...

Hope Levi is feeling better soon! My long-time penpal from Malaysia is a big fan of 'Far Above Rubies.' I've been receiving the newsletter and e-mail updates, too. Congratulations on the article! Looks like you're having a lot if fun with the kiddos!

Far Above Rubies said...

I hope Levi gets better quickly. My son had the same virus. Seems to have fun its course.

April, thank you so much for the article. I'm sure it will bless many.

Here's the link.

Kenna said...

Thank you, April! I love your updates! The video of Levi and article were amazing. - Kenna :)

Jenny said...

Aw, poor Levi. Hope he feels better soon. Lot's of great things in this post April!! I will be reading your guest post on the other blog later today :)

mommykelly said...

I hope your Levi gets his Leviness back soon. Loving the scrap book pages!!! So cute and creative.