Saturday, January 7, 2012

Up On the Rooooofffff

We enjoyed the sunny day by hanging out on our roof while Chelsie took care of the boys for us.

Wes repaired some areas of the gutter that needed nailed back in, and I sealed up the top of the chimney to keep water out. We have a minor leak that we sure don't want to become worse.


And after:
We worked together to seal the bottom of the chimney where our fake rocks are crumbling away. This thing will have to totally be replaced one day. We had a funny conversation with a neighbor while we were up there. She gave us a great suggestion, and we plan to get some Thompson's water seal on the rocks soon. (Thanks, Sharon!)

Wes & I both enjoy doing stuff like this together. It was funny to me how we both couldn't hold back our grins once we both got on the roof. And I of course, was up there taking pictures.
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grams said...

That part will never change, remember it is always fun to work together. Wes's grandparents have some fun stories. They discided to work on the top of their bus that was used to store grandpas tools. Much to the dismay of their girls they were in their seventies. Grandpa had to go down the ladder to get some paint or something and fell. With him and the ladder on the ground and grandma still up on top of the bus they were stuck. She was up and could not get down and he was down and could not get up. Moral:PLAN AHEAD

Leah said...

Looks like you got a lot accomplished!

Norbert Floth said...

Yay to a lovely sunny morning! I hope you got the leaks on your chimney all sealed up. From the looks of it, you got all the spots covered. Great job !

Santo Caridine said...

It's an uncommon bonding activity for a couple to go up on the roof and fix the chimney. Hehehe. Have you found a solution for those crumbling rocks? Your chimney looks great, by the way. :)

Kristopher said...

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