Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Tidbit: Using Their Names in a Positive Way

This is my favorite Christmas book. It was always magical to me as a child. My parents were able to personalize it, so it takes place in my childhood hometown. My friends and I are the main characters! This personalized book is one of my childhood treasures, and it still comes out and sits under the tree each year.

This special book, with my own name on the pages, reminds me of how much it means for kids to hear their names. Often times, they hear us say their names as we huff at them in frustration. We need to be sure to use their names in a positive light and with a happy voice. Usually, when someone in the house calls my name they are about to ask me to do something for them. As a result, when I hear, “Mommy!” yelled from another room, I often sigh in frustration(bad attitude, I know. I’m working on it). It just doesn't always make me happy to hear my name. My point is that I don’t want my children to hear me say their names and automatically think they are in trouble or think something is wrong. When I taught preschool, even the toughest kids would sport a sheepish grin when we sang a song with their names it. When they hear their names, they feel special. You’ve probably heard jokes about a child thinking his name was a bad word, because of how negatively his parents talked to him. I want my children to know their names are GOOD words…words that mean joy and love to their mama’s heart.

So, say their names today. Say their names with a smile on your face and thankfulness in your heart, and try to be cautious of saying their names when you are frustrated.


Leah said...

I love personalized books, too! :) We have some for the kids and they are favorites of ours. So glad you still gave yours! Great thoughts about keeping names special! :)

Jenny said...

Love this!