Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Day/Crawling with Style

Adam. Loves. Snow. The other day we got just a light dusting of it. He was outside trying to make making snow angels and pouting because he didn't get to catch any snowflakes on his tongue. Today we went out twice to enjoy another dusting of the white stuff. We got to try out the nifty snowball maker he got for Christmas.

Adam enjoyed throwing snowballs at his daddy while he looked out the window to watch us.

He also enjoyed pulling little brother all around in his sled.

And in the past few days, this little guy has gotten stronger and stronger. What a hard worker! Watch him crawl and show off his moves! Brother's got style! (We have been building towers with empty oatmeal boxes in case you are wondering what all those containers are doing in the background!)


Karrie said...

Love it! It looks like he's swaying to the beat of some music! Go Levi!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've got tears in my eyes (happy ones). I love you guys. I miss you all so much.
Grandpa Snodgrass

Leah said...

Great job, Levi! This is awesome! :) Looks like you had a lot of fun in the snow! I love the snowball maker!

Jenny said...

Aw, he does the army crawl!!! That's exactly how Russell first started out! He army crawled for about two months and then did the four point. I'm so excited for Levi, now he can roam the house and cause trouble!!! lol

Laura said...

Go Levi go! I want a snowball maker - I think Colin would love it. And I love Levi in his hat! Cute~

Anonymous said...

Watch out, Wes and April. He's ready to GO, GO, GO! Love it! :)