Thursday, January 5, 2012


Levi is figuring out how to get to the things he wants in the tub. He & Adam are becoming more like playmates lately, and it is fun to watch them together.

"Daddy's home!!!"It was so cool to capture their expressions when Wes came into the room.

The ball pit is still their favorite activity of the day. We watched as Levi got himself out of the ball pit all by himself tonight. He also loves throwing balls out of it! What a great source of therapy for him!

I've been having fun spending some time with friends lately.

Next week Levi has his big 6 month meeting with his case manager & all the therapists. I hate that day. I think I've cried every time. I know he is delayed and am not disappointed in him, but putting it on paper and having everyone agree out loud about it hurts. Tuesday the occupational therapist said that his hips are weak, then stressed..."realllly weak." Last night I had a dream that we were at his meeting and all the therapists were telling me he wasn't doing as well as I seemed to think. I cried & cried (in the dream). I don't know why this meeting is weighing so heavily on me. At least it will be over soon.

Next weekend, I get to be a part of the Special Olympics Kentucky State Leadership Conference. I will talk for about 20 minutes about DSACK, the other Down syndrome associations in the state, and what they have to offer. I am excited and pretty nervous (and I speak in front of people for a living!!).

Enjoy the rest of the week. A photography tidbit is coming next Tuesday!


Leah said...

Fun pics! :) I will be thinking of you as you face Levi's meeting and your upcoming speech... :) I think Levi is doing great!

lovemy3 said...

Love the expression when dad came home! I know the dread of their eval. We have Hailey's in March along with our Down syndrome clinic eval. I'm working myself up over them both already! Good luck!

Jenny said...

I know I have felt that way before AND after many of Russell's evaluations. They do nothing more than hurt my heart. Just try to focus on everything Levi IS doing. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you to feel at peace.

Also, VERY exciting about the upcoming speech!! Good luck :)