Saturday, January 14, 2012

Important Links I Want to Share

Wow! Have I learned a lot today.

If you haven't heard about the hospital in Philadelphia that is refusing to give a kidney transplant to a child because she has is "mentally retarded," click here to read the story, and click here to read what the parents have to say. (I am sharing the story through another blog that I enjoy rather than directly from the where the story was first written. I hope you will take more time to read "Making the Most of Today" and enjoy it like I have.) I know you are thinking that I must not have read the whole story, that there is somehow a misunderstanding. Just read the story. I'd love to hear your thoughts. I truly did not think something like that could happen here in the United States. I cannot even imagine what those parents must have felt as the conversation in that room continued on and got more and more disturbing. Truly unbelievable.

The second link I need to share is for my blogging friends. Please take a moment to read this post. You will learn how to disable "right-click-saves" so that others cannot take photos from your blog and use them elsewhere. I am disgusted to know why this needs to be done, yet appreciated the information and have already disabled "right-click-saves" on my blog, which is really disappointing, because part of the purpose of my blog is for family members to have access to my photos.

And lastly (and this is on a much happier note than the other two links), at the Special Olympics Conference today, I heard a lot about this video.

"Spread the Word to End the Word" is a national campaign to end the use of the word retard or retarded. I didn't realize this campaign started with the Special Olympics (another thing I learned today). You can click here to see the main website. Click the orange button there to sign the pledge. Share a link on your Facebook page. If you teach, get your students to pledge. Have a family discussion about it and pledge as a family. Spread the word to end the word.


Jenny said...

I disabled my right click a long time ago too, it really sucks that we have to do things like that, but better safe than sorry!

Leah said...

Hey, April! I wasn't able to copy the link for disabling the right-click... Any advice? That's such a sad story about the little girl, too.

Twilson9608 said...

Thank you April for sharing my blog with your readers!