Monday, January 23, 2012

Careful What You Wish For

Today I'm having the lazy day I have been dreaming about. I was especially dreaming about it last week, when I really felt the need to put my feet up.

Last week, a diamond fell out of my wedding ring. I also dropped my camera in the garage and broke off two of the three threads that keep the lens on. I keep getting a "lens not attached" message and have to hold the lens tight against the body of the camera for the shutter to snap.

Last week, I had a long list of notes to mail, calls to make, and appointments to schedule, none of which got done.

Last week, I spent a LONG time putting together a track for Adam's trains. Although he played with it a lot, I kept having to come put pieces back together and fixing things. If you've never put a train track together, let me tell you, it is not easy! I was so proud of my accomplishment (sad, I know) and was frustrated that even that one little victory couldn't last more than a few minutes.

(He put the trains in their sheds just for this picture.)

Last week, we scrambled to get our house ready for someone coming to view it, who cancelled about 30 minutes before they were supposed to arrive. (The house has been on the market for months, and we haven't had any interested buyers. We want to be able to move wherever Wes gets a new job and don't want to be tied down to the house when that time comes.)

Last week we were supposed to hear back about the budget for Levi's waiver...still no word. I have worked for MONTHS on this and feel so frustrated that all this work is taking so long to prove beneficial for him.

Oh, how I have longed for some time to put my feet up. For months I have thought to myself, "If I could just have ONE day to sleep as long as I wanted...okay, maybe TWO days... If these toys would just stay put for a few hours." I have just needed a little time to catch my breath.

Well, I got what I wished for...the boys are spending a few nights with their grandparents. (This is because Wes has been sick & I was out of town for work this weekend. Then when I got home, I got sick, too!) They won't be back until late tomorrow morning.

My house is clean.

No little fingers are undoing my hard work.

Stuffed animals are neatly stacked in their basket.

Bathtub toys no longer clutter the floor.

The potty seat is hanging in its place

And no toys are being taken from one room to the other.

I didn't get out of bed until 10:30 this morning. I have been lounging on the couch and haven't had to share the TV with anyone. I haven't had to make food for anyone but myself. I checked everything off my to-do list with no interruptions.

And it's not as great as I imagined it would be! I keep waiting for the boys to shatter the silence by waking up from their naps...then I remember that they're not here. Don't get me wrong. I REALLY needed this down time, and I will be wishing for it again one day, but I can't wait to see these little guys again!

And I will be happy to fix the train track when it comes apart again.


lovemy3 said...

Isn't it crazy.....we wish for something and it's great for such a short time :-)

Anonymous said...

Great post, April. Nothing like some peace and quiet to adjust our perspective! Sorry you're sick, but glad you got some down time. I know you'll enjoy your family reunion even more now.

Leah said...

Missed you guys yesterday! Hope you and Wesley feel better soon! :)

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, you just described me! It is so rare that I have all my "chores" done and the house is clean and Brad takes ALL the kids out somewhere and I am finally ALONE...And then after a few hrs alone isn't so great and the house is too quiet, and I cant wait for everyone to get back!! lol

I like how Adam got his trains all in place for the picture :) haha

Laura said...

I haven't been alone yet since Ben's birth. I know when the time comes I'll look forward to it but will miss my boys so. I completely understand about the trains! I've built many a train track and I don't enjoy it. Can't wait for the day that Colin can do it himself!