Saturday, November 19, 2011

What I Want People to Know

I know. I know. It has been a long time since I've posted. I have been in a blogging rut, I guess. I don't feel like I've had any deep thoughts or interesting perspectives to share. I thought maybe some of my fellow bloggers might feel that way at times, too, so my next Tuesday Tidbit will be some cool blogging prompts that I've come across.

I think at the beginning of this month, I said I'd be sharing something on Down syndrome awareness since I didn't really do that during October, which is Ds awareness month. I still haven't thought of anything profound to say (mainly because Down syndrome hasn't changed my life like I thought it would, and it isn't that big of a deal most days), but I thought I'd share my feelings on parenting a child with Down syndrome...

1.) I am not a saint. I am just a parent that loves my kid, just like anyone else.
2.) I worry most about Levi's speech and how well he will be understood when he is older.
3.) The word "retarded" sends a jolt of terror through my body, like a bully is waiting around the corner to come get me. Although it is often used without malice, it is insensitive. It is unkind. And is personal.
4.) When people tell me Levi is doing so well because I work with him, I worry that when he doesn't do well, people are going to think it's my fault.
5.) I worry that people do not fully understand that Levi's IQ will be below average.
6.) I love it when people ask questions about Levi. It gives me an opportunity to clear up any misconceptions and give people information. It doesn't make me feel uncomfortable. It makes me feel like you care and want to know things, rather than just make judgments.

If you haven't heard about the controversy over the new prenatal test for Down syndrome, click here.

Look through the pages below for some stunning photos of a young lady with Down syndrome. I am intrigued by her.


Twilson9608 said...

I have very similar feelings as the ones you expressed here. :) And thank you for sharing The Girl With Freckles!

Leah said...

Great thoughts! :) Very cool photo book!

Jenny said...

I have missed you posting! But I find myself in blogging ruts too more frequently now.

#4 and #5...I worry about too. Sometimes I don't think Brad really grasps what Ds means for Russell. That makes me feel alone.

Hope everyone if feeling better around your house now. You guys were all sick for quite a well.

Cyndi Murphy said...

RE: #4 - Those who know you and your family, know better...those who don't, don't matter. I wish I could make that worry disappear for you.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your honesty in sharing these thoughts, April. Although we will continue to be proud of you for how hard you work with Levi and how much you want to help him, please know that we are giving GOD the glory for all Levi's successes...and as far as his difficulties, well, that's all in God's hands, too. I think #4 is something every parent can relate to, whether their child has DS or not. But, we ALL have to remember that it's not US making them who they are. It's us letting God use us the way He sees fit to do what HE has ultimately decided will be done with their lives. Maybe we need to remind each other of that more often! :) In the meantime, we'll rejoice with you in every milestone (just like we do for Adam) and we'll be sad with you when things are rough. And we'll remember that our children are all worth it! I love you, my sweet sister and friend. {hugs} ~Amy

lovemy3 said...

I was led to your blog from a very dear friend of mine who sits on your local DS board. She was telling me of this book. Thank you for sharing the girl with freckles. She is absolutely stunning!

Melissa said...

I've been in a bit of a blogging slump too but I've missed you and your boys!