Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Tibit and More

I'm cheating a little, in that I am only sharing a video, but it's still a good tidbit! Something I haven't done yet, but it looks pretty cool!

On Sunday afternoon, I did a photo shoot for a family of five. Our friend from church, Abigail, came to help. These are a few I took of Levi & Abigail before we got started. I am still weeding out & editing the pics from that day but promise to share them here when they are ready.

We raked up a HUGE pile of leaves and played and played yesterday.

Levi busts a move and says, "Oh, yeah!"

We had a fun "family date night" last night & used a gift card we had for the Japanese steak house. Fun, fun, fun!
Adam was a little unsure of the fire coming from the onion volcano.
And while Daddy & Levi enjoyed the big fire burst, Adam was hiding behind this partition.

I know he LOOKS happy, but he sounds like a puppy dog barking when he coughs, and he has an ear infection.

These two had fun entertaining each other while we waited for the doctor.
The doc we saw today is quite a character. He told me this poster was made by some nurses that have too much time on their hands. I thought is was hilarious!!!

People keep telling me that Levi & Adam are starting to look alike, which reminded me that I always wanted to post these pictures together for you all to see.

Levi at one week old.
Adam at one week old.
I think they've always looked alike :)


Christie said...

Wonderful as always. Hope the lad feels better soon.

Laura said...

Your doctor is too funny. I hope Levi feels better soon. And yes, your boys do look a lot alike!

Jenny said...

Aw, cute pictures of the boys! And yes, they look so much alike!! I love the pictures at the Japanese restaurant, hahah, the expressions on the boys faces were hilarious!!! Hope Levi feels better soon :)

Leah said...

Great pics! Interesting video... My sister-in-law users Goggle Reader. That was one of my doctors when I was a kid. He's pretty crazy! :) I hope Levi is feeling better soon! Oh, and I've always thought the boys have looked alike, too! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I appreciate you taking the time to read it!