Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Fun & Tuesday Tidbit

We had a fun morning with friends that enjoyed the beautiful weather with us. I'm glad we had such a nice morning. Levi was as grumpy as all get out when his physical therapist arrived & we discovered that the fever he had at 2:30am was back. We drove an hour out to the doctor's office & found out that he has another sinus infection. Yuk.

Mr. Potato Head Pumpkins:

Tonight, I realized there was no toilet paper in the front bathroom a little too late. Adam was happy to help. I could see he had some paper in his hand while he stood in the hallway, but he only tore off a tiny piece. When I asked for more, he tore more off what was in the hall. When I walked out, I saw what he was holding on to.

I said that wasn't what I had in mind, and he said, "Okay, I'll take care of that!"

And now for my Tuesday Tidbit :)

This weekend, someone was asking me about Down syndrome, and after I explained that Levi has an extra 21st chromosome in every cell of his body and that it happened when the first cell divided at conception, she asked, "So you didn't do anything to cause it?"

Since October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, here are some things you may not know about Down syndrome:

1. Over 80% of babies with Down syndrome are born to women under the age of 35, and the average age of a mother of an infant with Down syndrome is 28 years.

2. While Down syndrome is genetic in that it involves an extra chromosome 21, it is not usually hereditary in the conventional sense. That is, Down syndrome is not inherited; it does not "run in families." Down syndrome is usually the result of a random event that occurs during the formation of reproductive cells (eggs and sperm).

3. Down Syndrome is named after Dr. John Langdon Down, an English physician who first described the characteristic features of Down Syndrome in 1866. "Down syndrome" is used, as opposed to "Down's Syndrome", because it was named after Dr. Down.

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Fergus, K. (2011). Myths, misconceptions and facts about Down syndrome. Retrieved from: http://downsyndrome.about.com/od/downsyndromesupport/a/mtyhs_ro.htm


Christie said...

Love your tidbit for the day! The toilet paper incident was hilarious!

Laura said...

Your post made me laugh! We've had our share of rerolled rolls here!

Leah said...

Looks like fun! Sorry to hear that Levi is sick again... Hope he feels better soon! Great video!

Jenny said...

Haha, laughed my butt off at those toilet paper pictures!! Any pictures of fall and leaves on the ground are so beautiful, I just love looking at the ones you have on here, you really are a great photographer!!

I enjoyed the video too! I am going to tell my family to look it up here on your blog :)

Shannon said...

love love love the picture of the brothers touching foreheads. And all the other pics of you handsome men. :)