Monday, September 26, 2011


I have had fun playing around on Pinterest, a virtual bulletin board where you can collect images of all sorts of things. I have found some cool decorating projects that I'd like to try. Click here to see my boards.

I made a menu sign for the kitchen today. You can just frame a piece of scrapbook paper if you want. I made a page in MemoryMixer, my digital scrapbooking software. I bought a $3 frame at Walmart, painted it white, & distressed it with some sandpaper. Here is the end result...

You can write your menu in dry erase marker directly on the glass!

Very inexpensive, very easy. I am hoping this will help with my daily dilemma of not knowing what to fix for dinner! Maybe it would help if I filled it out for the entire week! Oh well, back to work!

Tomorrow Levi & I will be on channel 36 news on the noon show to talk about the Buddy Walk!!


Leah said...

Turned out great! Maybe we can add this to our project list! ;)

The Blonde Duck said...

That is so much cuter than mine!