Thursday, September 8, 2011

Badges of Honor

While out running errands today, Adam saw this interesting sight and sweetly asked if we could go see it. I thought for a minute and got in the other lane, deciding to take advantage of a chance to make a memory.
He was thrilled.
I had to put him in the car for Levi's doctor appt halfway through his nap. I carried him to the car & he fell back asleep. The moment I pulled into the parking lot, I realized that I never put any shoes on him! Thankfully his Elmo slippers were in the car!

Little brother waited patiently in the car. He has another sinus infection.

Many of the places we went today (library, post office, grocery store, doctor's office, and bank to name a few) earned us stickers. Adam decided they all needed to go on my shirt. They were my badges of honor for braving that many places with two little boys in tow.

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Jenny said...

lol...Ok, I just have to know where on earth in your town they have this giant colorful zebra!! Love it!