Saturday, September 10, 2011

A.B.C. (Adam's Birthday Celebration)

Adam went around telling people that he was going to have a Thomas the Train cake for his third birthday. Well, I am not into expensive birthday cakes (even the one at Kroger was $40) and don't usually even put icing on a cake that well. But I was up for the challenge and decided to take on a new craft this week. Wes found some info on the internet for me & I decided on a Thomas cake I could actually pull off.

So I made a Thomas the Train cake yesterday. Of course, Adam pulled up his step stool and jumped right in to help.

We mixed up 2 boxes of cake mix and poured half into a 9X13 pan and half into a 9 inch round. I rounded the corners of the rectangular cake & formed the smoke stack.
We frosted an area of it and put the round cake on top.
I iced the round cake in gray. I had to make gray icing by mixing white & black. (Do you see what I mean about not being good at frosting cakes?)

Then I used a star tip to ice the rest of the cake & decorated the face. Not bad for a first try, but I certainly don't need to quit my day job. Ha ha ha.

His birthday's not until Monday, but we did a lot of celebrating today.

When Adam woke up this morning, a big train was waiting for him in the playroom.

While little brother tried to wake up, he watched the train from the couch.
After riding awhile, Adam decided to decorate the tracks and did this all the way around.

Grams & Grandpa came this afternoon and made homemade ice cream.
He was so happy when everyone sang to him.

Opening gifts...

I love the look in his grandpa's eyes here. Precious.

It was a wonderful, stress-free day. We didn't do a big party but celebrated well. When it was just the four of us again, we went out to grill hot dogs.
Adam got to choose what we had for dinner and went with the oh-so-healthy choice of hot dogs with "mac-e-wony" & cheese.
He took these two pics of us with my camera. Not bad, Adam!

When I started to bring our plates to the dinner table, I found Levi in the middle of tearing off the tablecloth (did I mention that there were still drinks sitting on it?).
Where's Levi?
There he is!!!

Have a wonderful weekend. I will spend the rest of mine reminiscing about the day I became a mama & being thankful for the pitter-patter of that boy's feet in my home.


Wren said...

So fun! Happy Birthday to your sweet little train conductor!

Leah said...

Just got the chance to read this... Great fun and great pics! Happy Bitrthday to sweet Adam!!! :)

Jenny said...

I think the cake looks awesome!! Good job :)...And that train! So fun, lucky kid!! Happy 3rd Birthday to Adam today!

zerry ht said...

It is true the rates are going up a lot these days. It’s better to bake the cake at home. I can see how happy he is to do that. Happy birthday to him! I am also baking for my nephew this time. I learnt baking from a workshop that took place in one of the venues in Los Angeles last year. It was a really good one.