Friday, July 15, 2011

The Quietest I've Ever Been

I have been sick all week. At 3 am Saturday morning I woke up and had to throw up but ended up passing out first. No fun. I have been queasy ever since and got a sore throat and neck ache in the middle of the week. I have been home for a few weeks and was just scheduled to work in Boston this Saturday, but I got a call to do an extra teacher training. So Wed. afternoon I went to the doctor. They tested me for strep, mono, and pregnancy! All were negative. They gave me some antibiotic since I had a presentation to do, and I started feeling better pretty quickly. I got up at 6 a.m. yesterday and drove 6 hours to Detroit. I felt fine all day but started to get hoarse towards the end of my presentation (which was from 3 p.m. to 8pm). The training went so well, and I really enjoyed the teachers. When I finished up, I drove til midnight and stayed at a hotel. Now I have no voice whatsoever and have a flight in four hours for another training in Boston. Lovely. They are working to find a replacement for me. I am just hanging out in the hotel room for now.

On a good note, Levi had his ENT follow up Monday, and his sleep study showed that his pulse oxygen level was 90% or higher 99.9% of the night, and even then, it only got down to 89%. The fluid that has been in his ear for the past few months was gone, too. So we will follow up with the ENT in 6 months, and she plans to do another sleep study when he is 4 years old. We are so blessed and thankful.

I took a few pics this week that I want to share but don't have my camera with me at the moment. I hope to blog more soon!

Have a great weekend! It'll be interesting to see how mine turns out.

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Jenny said...

Oh no, I'm sorry you have been so sick! I was wondering where you have been! Hope you feel better soon April. And that's great news about Levi!! One less thing to worry about :)