Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th & 5th of July

Fourth of July Fun
We went to a Legends ballgame with friends from our church congregation. This is Adam's big buddy. He used to sit with us during worship before we had children and takes a special interest in Adam. Adam has been inviting him to sit with us for worship services a lot lately.

Adam walked up and down sharing his "poptorn" with all our friends.

Adam enjoyed the playground and kid's area much more than the game.

The fireworks show after the game was great! The noise didn't bother the boys, which was a blessing. I was a little concerned about it.

Sweet Dreams
Adam got to nap on his top bunk today as a reward for a small step towards toilet training.
Tonight we finally got the right equipment for Levi's at home sleep study. First they sent something that didn't even work. Then they sent something that was too big for him. So, hopefully the third time's a charm, and we'll get the data needed for our follow up appt. with the ENT next Monday.We send the equipment back to the home health company, they plug it into a computer, get the data, & send it on the the doctor. The top number is what we are recording. That is the amount of oxygen saturation in his blood. It needs to be above ninety-five. (When he was in the hospital with pneumonia, it would get in the 70's at times (even lower once or twice), and they wouldn't release him until it was consistently in the high 90's at night, when his sleep apnea would obstruct his breathing). The bottom number is his heart rate.
Sweet dreams!


Jenny said...

Good luck with the sleep study :)...Loved that pic of the fireworks!

Leah said...

Great pictures! Hope the study goes well! :)