Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What an Adventure!

I was one of several presenters at a Special Education consortium in Mississippi on Monday & Tuesday and got to bring Levi along because my friend (a college student that is home for the summer) agreed to come along and help. Beautiful hotel. Unbelievable food. And the ride home? Pretty exciting! A tiny S-hook from a bungy cord busted one of my tires. I no longer get AAA services through work, and the state roadside assistance program didn't have anyone in the area. They gave me the number to a police station, and we had a nice officer come out to help. gets better...a lug nut was stripped & he couldn't get the tire off. Add a tow truck and police escort to a hotel into the story. We are spending the night about 3 hours from home and the car will be waiting for the tire place to open tomorrow morning. I wonder how many people riding in the back of this police car have taken pictures! Ha ha ha!

(love the baby food on the sleeve of my shirt!)

You should have seen the hotel guests get up from their seats in the lobby and stare out the window at us when we got out of the police car to enter the hotel! Priceless!

This is the woman that put the conference together and invited me to speak (on inclusion and differentiated instruction). She (and many others) fell in love with Levi. I just love this picture.
The closest I'll ever get to having my name in lights!

The Veranda Hotel in Tunica, MS...

There were fragrant, beautiful magnolia trees all around the hotel.

Once again, joy in the midst of craziness! Love this boy! He stood up like this for a long time today, enjoying his reflection.

I am so ready to get home to Wes & Adam! Looking forward to a new day...oh, is already here!

Happy Wednesday!


Jenny said...

LOL...Sounds like it was quite the trip down!! Beautiful Hotel!!!! Loved the pictures of Levi looking in the mirror :)

Leah said...

Glad you made it home!