Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This, That, and the Other

THIS is the picture Adam colored during worship Sunday night. I just grabbed a few colors on the way out the door, so he didn't have many options to choose from. After he finished coloring Christopher Robin (AKA: "Tista Wobin") orange, he looked up at Chelsea and said, "I guess Tista Wobin should've worn sunscreen!"

THAT is the cute shirt I found for Adam at Goodwill.

And this is THE OTHER cute outfit I found at Goodwill (brand new, with tags still on it!).

I wore one of my all time favorite Goodwill finds to work today. This shirt! I got it a few years ago for $2.50 (It also still had the tags on it)! Love it!

My bargain shirts like this have been worn more often than some of my Ann Taylor clothes, and the hunt can be fun. It is more enjoyable when I saved so much and had to put effort into finding something special.

I spoke to a group of daycare teachers yesterday about working with parents of kids that have special needs. When I introduced myself, I told them about Levi, and the moment I shared that he had Down syndrome, they let out a unified, loud, sad, "Awww..." Not "Awww..." that's so cute. It was an "Awww... that's so sad." It didn't bother me much, but it is too bad they felt that way. How can that view be changed? Why did they feel sorry for me?


Christie Brown said...

First, love the shirts and the sunburned Christopher! I have no idea how to change peoples view or why anyone would feel sorry. I think it all boils down to being un-educated. Think how things used to be, when we were kids or our parents were kids and how much things have changed! you really should write a book or get into public speaking. I will be your nanny as we travel around the country educating people!

Amy Worlow said...

Few people see the joys in having a child that is special and many are 'scared', ESPECIALLY those who have no experience direct or indirect with special children. I think a joyful and happy mother of a special child is the best person to change those views. Who knows how many eyes were 'opened' by you on this day!

Jenny said...

Great shirts!! I agree with the comment above, in that the way we act has a great impact on others. If we show how happy and joyful and "normal" our lives are, they will see they don't need to "awww" us, and that raising a child with special needs is not a horrible thing.

Leah said...

Great coloring, shirts, and comments! :)

Anonymous said...

I ditto Leah. :)