Friday, May 13, 2011


I thought I heard it through the monitor while Levi happily babbled in his crib the other morning. I thought maybe I heard it when I was folding clothes & he was playing in the exersaucer, but I definitely heard it loud and clear while we ate lunch with Grams and Grandpa yesterday..."Mamama." Hooray!!!

We found out yesterday that Levi has a sinus infection that was just starting to go into his ear. He has been congested for a little while, but when yellow goop started oozing out of his eye, I knew it was time to see the doctor. Today Adam woke up with a slight fever but improved quickly after taking some Tylenol. Wes hasn't felt well this week, and I had strep! I am so thankful for powerful antibiotics and just hope we all stay well for a little while.

Happy weekend!


Jenny said...

Yaay! Mama is the best isnt it!! Geeze hope you guys all start feeling better soon, sounds like a rough week!

Leah said...

Good job, Levi! :) Hope you all feel better soon! Happy early Birthday to you! :)