Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Great News!

The short version...Levi is swallowing properly.

The rest of the story...I had to bring his baby food, milk, and juice so he had things to eat & drink for the test. I woke up late & didn't get the breast milk thawed before leaving the house, so I did what I saw a friend do once in the car and put the package under my leg & turned on the seat warmer. It worked great...until I got OUT of the car. The pressure put on the package of milk while I got out of the car made it burst open and got my pants soaking wet! And of course, it was all in just the right area to make it look like I wet my pants. The good news is that I unexpectedly got to shop for some new capri pants this morning. While I stood in line to pay with a wet bottom, I kept telling myself, "You'll never see these people again. You'll never see these people again..." Wes's mom got to see this all unfold since she met me on the way to the appt and came along with us today. She & I have shared some pretty hilarious moments together.

For the test, they mixed some barium into his foods and slid the X-ray machine (which you can see in the photos, covered in stickers) over to watch as he swallowed. I had to wear a lead apron while feeding him, and he screamed & cried the whole time. He was hungry & wanted to nurse, not drink barium from a bottle! I ended up using his medicine dropper to get something in him to swallow b/c he was not having it!

Click here to see a video of a person with a swallowing disorder doing a barium swallow test. It is interesting to see what the technicians are able to see during the test.

So we are good with swallowing. On the 23rd we find out if his reflux has gotten better, make plans for a home sleep study, and maybe find out if he needs his tonsils and/or adenoids out.

I am thankful for good news today. I didn't expect to hear anything until the follow up appt & was thrilled they were able to talk to us about the results this morning.
Since this blog is basically my diary & scrapbook, I want to record some funny Adam stories...
-The other day he just wanted to wear his diaper & asked, "Mommy, can you take off my PJs so I can wear just me?"
-He told me yesterday, "I like you, Mom. Are we family?" and while spinning in circles said, "I'm getting bizzy!"
-The other night he asked me, "Can you turn off the light so I can see the dark?"
Love that boy!


Leah said...

That is great news! :) Great pics!

Sharon said...


Jenny said...

LOL...Ok, so I burst out laughing when I read about your pants! At least you got to buy new ones though :) I am so happy you got such wonderful results!!! That video was pretty interesting, its amazing what they can do these days isnt it!!
Adams little comments had me cracking up, so cute. Back when my kids were small I kept a little book and when they would say something funny I wanted to remember I would write it down. Now they love reading through it :)