Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ENT Follow-Up

Levi had his ENT follow up appt on Monday. The doctor said his reflux looked better and asked how I thought he was doing. I told her that he handled having a sinus infection better than I expected. It was the first time he's been congested and didn't end up in the hospital. He also didn't get the croupy sounding cough he usually gets. She had a victorious little grin & said, "That's interesting because croup is related to reflux." It made sense to hear that since our pediatrician said that croup comes from inflamed vocal cords, and I suppose your vocal cords would be pretty inflamed if you have acid reflux.

A nurse will be calling in a few days and will schedule a home visit to drop off a pulse oxygen monitor for Levi to wear on his finger while he sleeps. I hope it works! We have a hard time keeping those monitors on him when he's in the hospital. They usually put them on his feet, and he still can't keep them on!

The doctor said she is not planning on taking his tonsils out (Hooray!) and wants us to come again in six weeks for another follow up appointment. I will keep you posted!

Levi will be one-year-old on Friday!

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Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe Levi is turning ONE already! I have been following your blog since he was just a couple months old! Glad the ENT follow up went well :)