Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pneumonia, Sleep Apnea, and Extremely High White Blood Cell Count

I'll spare you the details. Mostly b/c I'm too tired :)

We were admitted yesterday afternoon after 2 trips to the doctor. His skin was sinking in between his ribs with each breath and his nostrils were flaring as he struggled to breathe at one point. When he'd fall asleep, his pulse oxygen (which should be above 95) would fall into the 70s. Alarms would go off & nurses would run into the room. He is now on oxygen, and we are expected to be here a couple more days. They think he has sleep apnea & that his wide tongue is blocking his airway. The pneumonia, of course, is making things much worse. His white blood cell count (which should be between 12,000-15,000) was 36,000 yesterday evening. We are going to have his blood drawn again today.

The plan is to get him over the pneumonia then in to and ENT to see what to do from there.

I am thankful to have Adam well cared for by his grandparents. I am thankful for my hubby being so thoughtful while packing for me. He made sure I'd be comfortable while we are here. I am thankful I am not out of town and thankful for the excellent care we are receiving.


C-Tay said...

i love the upside heart his robe made - not sure if that's why you did a close-up or noticed it, but i sure did! thinking, praying, and sending our love!

Jenny said...

Oh no, poor little guy!! Sure hope he starts getting better soon! Must be so hard to see him sick like that :(...praying for you!

Anonymous said...

I am glad for all those things, too, and so glad Levi has such great parents to love him and take care of him. What a blessed little boy, and what a blessing he is to all of us. Hang in there and we'll keep praying.

Wool Winder said...

Praying for Levi to get better soon. Love you guys!