Monday, April 25, 2011

Levi's ENT Appointment

I was prepared to hear that Levi might need a sleep study, that he may need his tonsils and adenoids removed...totally braced to hear the word surgery. What I did not expect was to hear that Levi probably has acid reflux, and I sure didn't expect it to be so complicated to figure out when or if he needs surgery. The ENT put a tiny scope up his nose and was able to fully see his throat. His vocal cords and larynx were so swollen & inflamed that she can't really make any decisions right now. First we have to get him on Zantac to clear it up. She also confirmed that he has a large tongue and a tiny airway.

I thought it sounded so weird that this kid who never throws up could have acid reflux, but I met another mom there who's 4 yr. old daughter with Ds had the same problem. Her daughter was actually swallowing it rather than throwing it up. Maybe this is a low muscle tone issue. I don't know. (Side note: I met the mom b/c Adam saw her two little girls in the stroller & decided he needed to bring them each a book from the waiting room library. Such a charmer.)

The doctor was also very concerned about him getting pneumonia at such a young age. She said that's not typical. This is someone who specializes in Down syndrome, too. She wonders if his food is going down the wrong pipe. So I have to call tomorrow to schedule a swallow test, where he will have X-rays. We will go back to the ENT after the test.

At that follow up appointment, we will also be given instructions for doing a sleep test at home where we will monitor his oxygen levels at night (for sleep apnea).


I liked the doctor's no-nonsense, direct approach. She told us what she found and what she was going to do about it and all the steps that would follow. No wishy-washy, wait and see stuff. She was all business, ready to go, & I loved it. I was so glad Wes was able to be there, too.

Thankfully we had a fun play-date planned directly after the appointment. It was a nice, fun distraction. Adam couldn't wait to see his beloved Aunt Tammi, and he had a blast. Plus he got to ride the train at the mall. A true delight for this sweet boy.
(Notice the passers-by in the background of this picture? That just makes me laugh!)


Leah said...

I will be praying for you guys! Sweet pic of you and Adam!

Anonymous said...

We went through the Zantac-for-reflux phase w/ ChanMan. It must feel like there's always "one more thing" to deal with, but y'all are doing a great job taking care of both your boys and I'm glad y'all could go to this appt. together. Love to all!

revans1957 said...

Was anxious to hear how the appt went. Hoping this will be a simple fix for him. Glad you liked the doctor and she really seems to be on top of it. Praying for all of you. Love the picture.

Jenny said...

Oh dear, that sounds like a lot to take in. At least you have a great Doctor who is ready to go! I have always hated that wait and see approach. I will be praying for you and Levi that all his appointments go good and things get figured out. Cute picture at the end, Adam looks so much like you!