Sunday, April 17, 2011

Exciting Flights

I got a few scrapbook pages done on my flight home tonight, and I got to watch "Thunder over Louisville" from the plane, which was super cool. It is the largest fireworks show in North America. (Today was the kick off for the Kentucky derby.)

My more exciting flight was yesterday. I landed in Jackson, MS just a few hours after tornadoes touched down there. I have flown quite often for the last 11+ years, and that was the second most turbulent flight I have ever been on. People were gasping and shrieking, and I had to put my laptop away because I was afraid it was going to fly out of my hands. The pilot got a round of applause when we landed.

Ahhh...I am happy to be home!


Jenny said...

Love the digital scrapbooking! Its looks fantastic!

Leah said...

Sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your beautiful pages!