Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Little of Daily Life with a Grand Finale

This weekend was our local DS association meeting. So many beautiful families. I took a lot of pictures but only posted a few for the sake of time. Those of you that are facbook friends may have already seen these, but stay with me...

She was so determined to get her shoes on without any help! I love this picture!

This is Levi & his new buddy, who is smitten with him, as you can see. Soooo sweet!
After the meeting, we took Adam to see something special. He LOVED it!!

Adam, ready for story time at the library today.

Here's Levi rocking out during his OT session today.

I used up some coupons at CVS.
Yes, my total was 14 cents!!
We enjoyed having Caroline visit today, too.

And the grand finale? Prepare to be dazzled... (I think you can hear everything just fine on this one without turning the music off.)


Leah said...

Sweet pics! I haven't checked out the video yet (using Brandon's school IPAD and it will not open), but I'm sure it is awesome! Have you checked out Thomas' schedule for Adam?

kelisha said...

I love that he is getting so strong! Yay Levi!!!

Jenny said...

Really nice pictures, I wish we had a Ds group around where I live. Cute video!! Way to go Levi, great job with the straw :)

Wool Winder said...

The video made me smile!

Cicely said...

LOVE IT!! when ever you get tired of your boys, they can come live with me:)We need to get together soon....our kiddos are growing up sooo fast!