Monday, March 21, 2011


Today was World Down Syndrome Day, so what did we do? We had a day just like we'd have had if Down syndrome wasn't a part of our lives.

We had friends over.

We played outside. We blew bubbles.

(This is Adam making "chocolate lake cake." Apparently, tilting your head sideways makes water go where you want it to.)

We met friends at the park.

We took a stroll around the neighborhood. We drank from straws. We read books.


Oh, yes he did!!

Wes keeps telling me Levi is signing eat, and I'm like, "Yeah, right. Daddy's reading into things a bit." Then today, right at 3pm, when he usually eats, I had him in his car seat carrier, ready to go to the park. I was thinking I'd feed him once we got there. He started fussing and started tapping his mouth with his hand. I gave him some food and he stopped crying and just looked at me like, "Well, what did you THINK I was trying to tell you?" Like the song says, "Rock what you got," Levi!!


Leah said...

Looks like a fun day was had by all! :)

Jenny said...

Loved the mud cake pictures, lol...Great job with the signing Levi!! Happy WDSD :)