Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Little Love for Valentine's Day

I am loving the payoffs of couponing! Yes, it took me forever to get prepared to go to the store, and I was there for an hour and a half, but...

And today I saved $21 using coupons at CVS, and I got $9 in CVS bucks in return! How about that?!

I love the beautiful, colorful mess this boy makes of our home. For so many years I dreamed of being a mama, and it never slips my mind that I have been blessed.

I love that when his baby brother came home from the hospital, Adam went running over to hug him. (I'm just now getting around to posting the picture.)

The boys & I loved spending Monday and Tuesday at Aunt Tammi's this week! Watching her entice and feed the deer in her backyard was one of the highlights!

I loved some extra time with my hubby this week. I love the way he took over and gave me some much needed naptime, and I loved that we were able to attend the Down syndrome Association meeting as a family today (because the company I work for is kind enough to work with me on scheduling it that way :)

And I am loving my boys.


Leah said...

Sweet post and pictures as always! Way to SAVE BIG at Kroger and CVS today! I'm doing okay with that, but not that great! Advice? :)

michelle said...

Thanks for telling me to peek at this page - I love it. Beautiful, as always. Anxiously waiting to read your article and see what pics you send with it!