Sunday, January 30, 2011

This and That

THIS is the new, expensive jewelry we sported this week...
(Wes ended up going to the ER this morning. That is where he found out that he had strep throat, and it is bad.)

THAT is the cool balloon that livened up Levi's hospital crib. (Thanks, Regina & DSACK!)

THIS is the little girl that thought getting loose and running all over the neighborhood would be a great way to distract us from all the other worries we had this morning.We had friends and neighbors looking for her for hours. I drove all through the neighborhood looking for her before pulling in the driveway, and didn't see her...She was sitting in the flower bed by the garage waiting for me. Stinker.

THIS is Mr. Levi playing with his favorite toy, acting all cute and happy like nothing ever happened.

(I wish you could see how crazy his happy little legs were kicking when that photo was taken.)

THAT is a reminder of sweet big brother (who is spending an extra night with Grams and Grandpa in an effort to protect him from all this illness). He has this new color-coding obsession, and you see hints of it throughout the house, like the way he has grouped his magnetic letters together on the fridge.
And THIS is the toy he will be most excited to see when he gets back home. (Notice the pom-poms he has carefully placed inside as passengers. The train was Uncle Ben's favorite as a boy, and he has graciously loaned it to his beloved nephew :)


Leah said...

Neat pics! So glad that Levi is feeling better! I hope that Wes will be well soon! :)

Jenny said...

Loved that balloon!! Glad to hear Levi is at home and on the mend :)

Wool Winder said...

What an ordeal this has been! You guys must be exhausted. I'm glad Levi is better and hope Wes will be better soon. I hope no one else in the family gets this nasty strep infection.