Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lots of pics today

Today Levi saw the ophthalmologist and got a great report. She doesn't see any problems right now but wants to see him again in 6 months because there is still the possibility of Levi's eyes becoming crossed. He was a tough little cookie & had his eyes dilated, then numbed to check his eye pressure. I was glad he fell asleep afterward b/c those big eyes with dilated pupils were creepin' me out! I cannot STAND to have my eyes dilated, so it isn't fun seeing it happen to someone else either.

Yesterday we had our 6 month check-in with his therapists and coordinator. It was intense for me. I could talk about what we are working on and share his progress & goals all day, but something about putting it in writing hurts a mama's heart. He is doing great, and I am happy with the goals we have set for the next 6 months. It is exciting to think that he will be over a year old the next time we have one of those meetings! He is just so sweet. I am excited to see what he will be like as he gets older & has even more of a personality.

More snow is heading our way, and I head out to do a presentation this weekend, so it could be an interesting few days. Right now, it is cloudy and cold outside, and we are enjoying the coziness of home.

Adam & Daddy enjoying a new book
Levi trying his first finger food
He was so excited to bring it to his mouth, his hand was waving all over the place!
Santa brought Levi these foam blocks (as suggested by his awesome physical therapist). They are really helpful for getting him prepped to crawl!

Adam & Daddy watching Thomas the Train
Another exciting activity at our house is watching Levi in the exersaucer. He surprised me by grabbing for things as soon as he got in it. He is just now starting to get interested in toys, and it is a thrill to watch this new development.

He is also doing really well in Bible class. It is like a therapy session since he sits in a seat holding himself up, reaches for objects, and is thoroughly stimulated.
(Notice the foam block behind him. Those things are very handy to have around!)

Adam is having a blast in his tent.
(Yes, the foam blocks again!)
He even got to sleep in it the other night!

I still have a lot more to go through, but I did get two more scrapbook pages done from our photo shoot. I like going through them this way so I can savor each picture as I go along.
(If it seems like there are more photos of Levi than Adam, there are :) I made Wes a photo collage of pics of Adam long ago, and now Daddy needs one with pics of Levi.)

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Leah said...

Really, really sweet photos! So glad that all went well today! I enjoy seeing Levi in class so much. He is precious, just like Adam! Hope that you have a great weekend ahead! :)