Friday, January 28, 2011

Back in the Hospital

Although Levi had a good day yesterday, he started having problems last night. I laid him down to sleep in his car seat again so he'd be upright, and he was in front of the cool mist humidifier, but about every 3 hours he'd wake up with a bad cough and would be wheezing. I didn't see the chest retractions that I saw the day before, and after a few minutes of breathing the cold outside air, he'd sound better and breathe well enough to nurse & fall back to sleep. But then it would start all over a few hours later. He was still doing it when he woke up this morning & I had to leave for the airport to do a training in Maine.

A dear friend came to watch Adam on short notice & Grams took Levi to the doctor. He didn't really improve after more steroids & breathing treatments so he was admitted to the hospital. The last I heard, he was getting X-rays. So I sit in my hotel room over 1,000 miles away waiting for news. I held up a lot better on Wednesday, but I know that he is in good hands and am hoping for the best. We have a lot of support from family & friends, which makes it easier to be in a less than preferable situation.


Jenny said...

Oh no! Poor Levi...Praying for you and your little guy, hope he gets better soon!

betty said...

thinking of you praying for all betty

Leah said...

Please keep us updated! I've been thinking of and praying for you and Levi ALL day!