Saturday, December 18, 2010

What I wish I had known those first few days...

I wish I had known you'd smile with every fiber of your being every single time I picked you up.
I wish I had known that people would fight over who got to hold you.
I wish I had known that you'd get so stinkin' cute.
I wish I had known the pure bliss I would feel just by pressing my cheek to yours.
I wish I had known that eventually I'd see you as the baby you are and not worry so much about your adulthood.
I wish I had known you'd be more "normal" than you are a "special needs child."
I wish I had known you'd mean so much to so many at such a young age.
I wish I had known that I'd eventually get over myself and accept your diagnosis.


Leah said...

He is just TOO adorable! :)

Momma Jorje said...

Thank you. I'll definitely try to keep these things in mind when Spencer is born.

I think it helps that we'll have about 22 weeks to have prepared for that day!

Far Above Rubies said...

I think you would be blessed reading I love her.

Anonymous said...

Oh April....thinking back to the "YOU" of old, I'd put every last red cent I have on a bet that you're THE BESTEST MOMMY IN THE BOTH of these lucky, LUCKY boys!!!! I can SEE YOU in every single word I've read so far!!!!!!! Love u babes.....Becca xxxxx

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful child and I am so glad that he was born to a loving giving and devoted mother (I'm glad for his brother too!)