Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is a beautiful poem a dear friend recently shared with me...

When you were but a tiny speck
deep within my womb
something happened to your cells
as life began to bloom
a chromosomal anomaly
is what the doctors say
but you are EXACTLY what I asked for
each night as I would pray

"Dear Lord, send me a happy child
who will not grow up too fast,"
for I love the joys of childhood
and I wanted that to last.
'Send me a child who sleeps all night
and doesn't often cry,
a little boy with endless love
and a willingness to try."

That little extra chromosome
that number 21
gave me all I ever wanted
YOU - my precious son.

I've been thinking lately that our lives with this special little boy are really more normal than I expected they would be. The few things that are different are now just a part of our every day lives. For example, having people come in to do therapy used to be upsetting because I was so sad that Levi wouldn't be "normal." Now therapy is just a fun visit that I look forward to each week. The people that come into our home have become friends and really are invested in Levi's progress. I also appreciate how much each of them make an effort to include Adam in their sessions. Sometimes they even bring a special toy for Adam to play with.

Levi is trying a new baby food every few days and is doing a great job eating. It is really no different than it was with Adam (except I let him make more of a mess!). I started giving Levi a comfort object (a term coming from a mom who reads way too many parenting books--a fancy way to say "blankee") and it is so cute to see him holding on to it. He is sleeping through the night now, too! Hooray!


Leah said...

What a wonderful poem! So sweet! :)

Savana said...

he is soo adorable!! you'll have all the girls lined up around the block soon enough ;) looking forward to following your journey!!